With a sound Industrial Relations strategy in place you will negotiate enterprise agreements and employment contracts that add value.

Industrial Relations & Human Resources strategy

From negotiating enterprise agreements to implementing cultural change programs, with Employee Relations Expertise you have access to the best contemporary Industrial Relations and Human Resource strategy, advice and outcomes.

Be it one-time assistance, a project or long term partnering, we take the time to understand your context and people issues.

We have significant corporate and site-based IR and HR experience in all aspects of the employee life cycle. Our strengths are:

  • IR and HR strategy that supports the company‚Äôs strategic objectives, a positive workplace culture and an efficient organisational structure,
  • Negotiation of enterprise agreements and employment contracts,
  • Employee conduct and performance management processes (including policies and causal investigations),
  • Organisation redesign and associated change management programs, and
  • IR and HR policy development.

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