Our approach to Industrial Relations & Human Resources

Competing priorities, changes in Industrial Relations regulation and ‘doing the right thing’. For an employer, this creates confusion, inefficiency, and expense.

Employee Relations Expertise manage these issues beyond an enterprise agreement bargaining cycle.

Our clients value that we:

  • Understand their context,
  • Develop bespoke Industrial Relations and Human Resources strategies, and
  • Have a difficult conversation.

We have significant experience advising executive, professional, white, and blue-collar teams within:

  • Manufacturing and Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical and Water
  • Warehouse, Distribution and Transport
  • Tourism and
  • Retail and fast food.
Jon De Unamuno has over 25 years experience in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.

Jon De Unamuno – Director

My passion is helping companies with unionised and change resistant cultures achieve positive outcomes.

I have deep Industrial Relations and Human Resources experience working with employers in capital intensive industries with significant pressure from international competition, digital transformation and an unsustainable cost basis.

Recently I have assisted employers achieve:

  • Positive cultural change through consistent Industrial Relations and Human Resource strategies,
  • Industrial Relations outcomes and enterprise agreements that deliver significant cost reductions, flexibility and productivity improvements,
  • Reduced costs on major capital investments and third-party contractor maintenance spend,
  • Major organisational restructures,
  • Increased employee engagement during major change management programs, and
  • Merit based performance and recruitment processes within blue-collar work groups.

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